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tv   Matter of Fact With Soledad O Brien  NBC  January 21, 2018 5:00am-5:31am PST

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>> right now on "matter of fact ," welcome to miami, the most over half of its residents aref. >> why the mayor of miami says one year after president trump's lower 48, a town of 200 that put thhim. >> i think things are going to tu do they think they made the t choice? plus, the latino congressman >> you can't join the hispani ae
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th hispanic should be able >> is this discrimination of a dit kind? [captioning performed by the which is responsible for its soledad: i am soledad o'brien with a warm welcome. miami, a city known as a va destination, is home to an exp skyline of high-rises and smiles and livine neighborhoe havana. it is one of the largest urban country with 5.5 more than half of them are last november, francis suarez, a cuban-american, ca office when in more than 80% vote and a nef leadership. we sat down with mayor suarez at miami dade nice to hs you have been an office since
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november. give me the lay of the land. how is miami doing? mayor suarez: i've been a years, so i have a great understanding of the way the government works. bubble, the real estate had burst. we had a $115 million deficit. two of the five commissioners indicted, and that is what i e in in 2009. by contrast today, we have over $160 million in surplus revenue. we have a city that has grown 50% in the last five years. we have turned it around we are an urban city. we have challenges. we have challenges with transp congestion. soledad: let's talk about some
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of tnearly 28% of the people in miami are below the poverty level, and that is almost twice as high as the national level. how do you tackle something like that? mayor suarez: we have the tale we have a state that is booming, extry wealthy, and unfortunately, we also have a you tackle that with affordablef g initiatives, which i did as a commissioner and will conts we also need inexpensive one of the largest expenses
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er was thetional system for mayo the one most re people havee, and to use that yh o ricans into the statebeen an x of florida, some of them coming : we are no stranger immigrants. historically, we have had a few that is something that makes us that inclusion separates us from e here not just fromeople want u what are the national issues pg miami? mayor suarez: immigration we are sort of a national model
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of what a city can be and should be in the uniteds when you consider how much recently-arrived immigrants ha e quality of life, and the way it that is something we want to protect jealously, and that is soledad: i was going to say, thg us, but mayor suarez: we think this is w next on "matter of fact," president trump's trips to ma past 60 highway where he is greetesuppo. down the road on barack obama e advice. i think mr. trump needs to reach >> is there a place in politics makes amatter of fact" trip to lebanon, kan 'sup, world? it's the box with 30% savings for safe drivers.
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this week marks the first anniversary that yes e club mar-a-lago in palm beach florida nearly a dozen times. one touches down at palm beach international, traffic is tied up in the area as he makes his way to palm beach island.suppore often line that route. highwayrcade crosses 60 . the highway links florit runs tl communh county office.fferent perspectives here is jessica gomes. jessica: the majority of palm
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hillary clinton got 56% of the after one year in and several trips down to his so-called winter house, it appears it is still a county divided. the sounds of progress in downtown west palmthis site aloy n house a new hotel. construction president >> kirbyn weren't so good. jessica: probably the most stressful period i've had in my careerjessica: the recession hid here, a road in an economy reli tourism, the service sector, and cons jobs, despite being a playground for some of the world's westpalm beo millionaires, and on palm >> it adds a lot of nationd
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ridge whosely small job it is to attract bes countyn much easier companies are pouri. the rate is down. 3000 jobs have been added since this time last year. acceleratings the >> ceos like this clarity and that there will be no new business regulations and that x policies being put in place are in fav of business jessica: to the north and ri beach, bishop thomas masters sunday smasters also hae here, an area challenge by cr unemployment. >> it's like the white house
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jessica: a few years back, masts helped to get dixie highway signs here removed, the two-mile stretch of road renamed barack obama hig>> we wanted tot unity, integrating people, not jessica: 90-year-old dora johnson witnessed a cross-burning on old pixie and felt there was progrname change. is thriving.sure >> the stock t i don't see us thriving. jessica: a few blocks away, will eck says his business is the best i been, but says his neighbors >> we have a tremm y ill, a huge problem with the opioid
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addiction. trump needs to get the democrs involved in trying to jessica: as for rex kirby, his p him hire more then >> i think the economy is doing well, and i'm going to focus on the n do. jessica: the sounds of optimism both here and there. >> yes, president trump is in the house, but we have to we are the ones who are going to try to move this city forward, -- my mike redmonwosay, we ai't grandmother would say, we ain't around. >> next on "matter of fact," congressman carlos cabello is proud of his heritage, so
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he asked to join the >> they said, no, thanks. he asked to join the >> they said, no, thanks. later, soledad is
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at stanford health care, he asked to join the >> they said, no, thanks. later, soledad is we can now repair complex aortic aneurysms without invasive surgery. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for varicose veins. and if we can precisely treat eye cancer with minimal damage to the rest of the eye, imagine what we can do for glaucoma,
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even cataracts. if we can use dna to diagnose the rarest of diseases, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you. nt -- it has to do with civil soledad: welcome back to "matte. for ti party has said one of m election is republican his district leans democratic 6%, making his district the most democratic in the country currently he.we sat down with tn d hearing in miami so nice to have you.
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parents are from cuba. what would be on your list of what cuba policy should be right congressman curbelo: i am one removed from the pain and suffering that took place in 1959 and pretty much every day thereafter in cuba. i tried to take a step back, usually. i agree some changes were in order when president obama de update the policy, but i think he went to far. we were expecting signifchanges. the united states gets something. the cuban government responds in kind. do, andhink you have to this administration has e between allowingthat h americans to interacn people, tp those who are trying to establish n business and
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government while at the same time shutting access to dollars from the governmensoledad: do ye immigrants specifically and migration broadly that that is going to be problematic as you head into reflection? congressman curbelo: not for me. e president used to this kind of rhetoric more aggressively during the 20 16th campaign, but my district knows me. the best reelection strategy is d policy, and that soledad: you were making a bid did that ever happened? congressman curbelsoledad: you can't join becaubl that's right. yet the congressional black caucus, tha love,
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a republican from utah. they find ways to help each other. the caucus.message i talked to challengesre are going to be a this congress. this administration, i don't agree with a lot of uneither d. they said, no, thanks. that'soledad: will you make an t congressman curbelo: i told them i would continue to join me that in this connection be able to join the caucus, and by, discrimination comes from all soledad: congressman, nice to >> next on "matter of fact," meet gladys kennedy. she's the oldest person in
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kansas, 101 next month, and she voted for more find out what she thinks of prt trump's first year. still ahead -- soledad: before we leave miami, >>
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soledad: thank you for joining us for" coming to you from miami. you might remembert last january just as the president office, we sent a crew to center of the lower 48 with a population of just over 200 people. they told us h schools e years, and how farming jobs the town is historically the majority of its citizens
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we went back this week to see if things get better or worse after year ones term >it is 10:30 on a wednesday in le kansas, and the lunch rush is inside this grocery store. the busy, and one look at the menu tells you the food is priced to sellunches wiw books, coffee at $.50, something the oldes appreciate. >> we don't have something to across the street, i have owned betty's beauty soledad: the town has been even a brief thaw has customers comingac>> thank you very much. soledad: we came to lebanon this
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timeae storm. the mayor told us he voted for soe job.ian ga>> you don't evere we also met gladystwo kennedy who knows more about n in a great great grandmother lebanon. i think things are going to a'g turn arounsoledad: a year laters >> i think he is doing a very she thinks her family t trump in office. >> i don't think you have to for me, it's not having to pay
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soledad: that is betty's hope, too. she is a longtime business with this new tax law, it is going to help thbusinesses and r businessesi felt we needed a bus , soledad: the mayor is content with his vote and is not sold on the di country. he says his temple be waiting for help i don't like where our i think it trickles down to the e country.
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and republicans -- the de them. to attract people tsn't come. they will see us. when we return, soledad it's going back to high school, and
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soledad: before we leave miami, we will be back in d.c., and i will have l report from topeka, kansas for 65 yes ago the schools made history in the education.s case brow i traveled to topeka for the first publicne series where aduk
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to high 60 years ago, the issuef integration, and today's students deal with the lien and poverty. we hope you f for that conversation. signing off from miami, i am son. we will see you next week for t."
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robert handa: hello, and welcome to "asian pacific america." i'm robert handa, your host for our show here on nbc bay area and cozi tv. we have a very rewarding program ahead, rewarding for us because we are able to be a part of helping some groups who help the community. today, we are highlighting some of the recipients of new grants for local nonprofits. nbc bay area and our sister station telemundo 48, in partnership with the nbc universal foundation, is launching project innovation, a new competitive grant challenge once known as 21st century solutions, but still the focus is on a local grant competition for nonprofits implementing new and innovative programs. the first group we profile will be hack the hood, which helps working class youth of color enter the world of high tech by training them to build websites for small businesses


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